Below is a thumbs-up review of Something Better  (2013):

The songs are rooted in folk-rock but laced with varying textures.... A song like "Bird of Hope" begins with Karen singing in her crystalline voice as she accompanies herself on acoustic guitar.  Then, midway through, the drums and percussions come in followed by some plucky guitar, Sawyer's groove-heavy bass and some jazzy keyboards.  Suddenly, what began as a dreamy folk song now has a world-music vibe that is beckoning us to the dance floor. That's the kind of disc this is, one full of subtle shifts in moods and sounds that carry the listeners to a variety of different places, from the jazz-influenced "High" to the country flavored "Colorado," which features nice fiddle work from Zoe Darrow, to the upbeat "Walking Wounded."  Karen Cardozo mines a wide range of emotions in her lyrics and she sings in a captivating voice. This is the kind of disc that you can spend hours listening to (Greenfield Recorder 11/7/13)

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